Columbus Day 2022

Columbus Day 2022

Columbus Day is just around the corner and preparations will begin to celebrate the long-awaited commemorative date

Commemorative date is one of the most important federal holidays of the year 

Designated by the government as one of 12 federal holidays

Columbus Day is celebrated on the second Monday of October in every year

Non essential employees should not work and have the day off In case who must work on that day they will receive vacation premium pay for their service on that day

Columbus Day to commemorate the journey and contributions of Italian Americans to the nation

Celebration will be in a big way, as there are several events and parades that can be attended in different cities

Individual banks differ, but most are closed along with Federal offices,Post offices,Schools and FedEx, UPS,Supermarkets and Stores are operating

It is estimated that in huge No's music groups, marching bands and more will parade on that day

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