How Much Money  You Need Store  If a Emergency Happens

How Much Money  You Need Store  If a Emergency Happens

Important to have fund set up in case something unexpected to happen

Coronavirus pandemic was a prime example of how something unexpected Happen in life

Coronavirus Pandemic impacted devastating effects on the economy at large scale as well as on individual level

One must always prepared for any contingency is having a reserve of emergency cash at your disposal at all times 

We can't rely on accessing funds always electronically

As banks and ATMs may not be up and running for days after a strong storm

Natural disaster are out of our control, you always want to be prepared by having some emergency cash on hand to buy food, gas and other necessities

Now question arise that How Much Money Actually Need Store to tackle situation ?

One should aim to save  $ *****  as a emergency funds that should cover all essential necessities

Necessities includes food, gas,water,shelter,fuel and other necessary essential

Depending on individual capacity one should start put aside about some % of your monthly takehome income for as emergency fund

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