ICICI gift cards used to gift in occasions like birthday, weddings, festivals, anniversaries, farewells etc

Gift card can be used in Point of Sale terminals and online purchases

To do the transaction in POS and Online transaction you need a PIN

ICICI gift card comes with the pin no given by the bank

To do the online transaction you need to generate 3D secure pin

Gift cards available in two types Physical Gift Card and Virtual Gift card

ICICI gift card can be used in online transaction by following steps

First you need to register yourself as a new user in ICICI Bank website

You need to generate 3D secure pin using card number, date of birth and valid from fields

After generating 3D pin, you can do the online purchases

You are not allowed to withdraw the Cash through this gift cards

You can use this cards to by something you want from Groceries to Gift of your own choice

You can use this cards swiping at the stores

ICICI gift card is magnetic strip based prepaid card operated in partnership with VISA

ICICI gift card is valid for 12 months from the date of generation

You cannot transfer money from this cards to bank account

Gift cards loaded with minimum balance of Rs 500 per card and maximum balance of Rs 10000 per card

ICICI physical gift cards often used at VISA enabled merchant outlets. And CUG cards used in actual CUG webistes