Celebrating Pétanque

Lets Play pétanque Google Doodle

Today’s interactive Doodle game celebrates Pétanque

A beloved French outdoor game played around the world

Just click the Doodle to play a random match or challenge your friends

How to play the pétanque Google Doodle

The Google Doodle give you the chance

To immerse yourself into the lives of a series of anthropromorphic olives playing a game of pétanque

All set to a whimsical soundtrack and quick tutorial explaining its rules

Players are given the chance to take to a baguette boulodrome and face off against friends or random opponents on the internet 

The controls, like the real-life game, are simple enough, with players using the mouse to drag and direct their toss towards the target 

Old popular Google Doodle games such as the Rubik’s Cube and Pac Man