Technical Indicators that Every Trader Should Know

Technical Indicators that Every Trader Should Know 

Technical indicators are Mathematical Patterns that extracted from historical data

Technical indicators displayed Graphically and Compared to the corresponding price chart for analysis

Technical Indicators are used by the Technical traders and Investors

To forecast future Price Trends and make trading decisions

Different types of technical indicators that can be used when trading in the stock market

Technical Indicators are mainly divided into Momentum Indicators,Trend Indicators, Volume Indicators,Volatility Indicators and Breadth Indicators

Momentum indicators help the traders to understand the speed at which the price of certain stocks changes along with  Momentum indicators help us understand the strength of price movements

Trend Indicators help traders analyse whether the trends will continue or reverse

Volume Indicators gives us early signals when the price movement will continue or reverse 

Volatility Indicators help traders to trade more effectively and gauge Volatility in the market

Breadth Indicators reflects the participants in the market The number of stocks participating in a rally can be calculated using breadth. The number of active investors in the market can also be deduced from breadth.