Which Type of bank  is suitable for you

Which Type of bank  is suitable for you

Banks performs various kind of activities besides offering checking and savings accounts and granting loans

Banks offering services to individual consumers and small businesses to governments and global corporations

Different types of banks are Retail banks,Brick & mortar banks,Online banks,Neobanks etc

Retail banks is a small local bank which offers checking and savings accounts, as well as mortgages and other loans to the public

Brick and mortar banks are those that operate branches with thousands of branches scattered around the country which offers its customers the option of banking online or branch banking

Online banks are digital financial institutions without brick-and-mortar branches

Online banks issue debit cards for making purchases and cash withdrawals at ATM networks such as Allpoint or MoneyPass

Neobanks are fintech companies which offer digital banking services through a mobile app or website

Neobanks offer checking and savings accounts with low maintainance fees

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