You Might Not Receive Social Security Benefits

You Might Not Receive Social Security Benefits

Social Security Benefits are lifeline for millions of retirees and other older Americans who are still in the workforce

You might miss out on benefits that you were counting on

Early claimers need to pass the Social Security earnings test in order to qualify for benefits

Remember that there is no such test once you reach full retirement age

In order to receive Social Security payments, you have to first work for a certain amount of time, pay taxes into the system and build up enough credits to qualify for benefits

Must have 40 credits to receive Social Security benefits

Instead of paying into Social Security, some federal employees hired before 1984 have been contributing to the Civil Service Retirement System

Civil Service Retirement System recipients do not receive Social Security benefits unless they’re eligible through another job or through a spouse

Railroad workers are also covered by a retirement system outside of Social Security and they are ineligible for benefits

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