Zomato share price falls to record low

Zomato is food service platform was listed on BSE and NSE

The food chain platforms total paid up capital of the one year overhang is around 78 per cent 

As one year lock-in for near 78 per cent paid up capital of the food chain platform ends today

Since Zomato's shares were allotted on July 23, 2021, the one-year lock-in period ended on July 23, 2022.  

Deals as one year lock-in for promoters, shareholders, employees and other has ends

shareholders sold off Zomato's stocks in bulk. 

Lock-in shares represent about 78% of Zomato's total shares, ie about 613 crore shares

Zomato share price is under heavy sell-off Pressure

Stock market witnessed that Zomato share price today tumbled by over 11-12 per cent dip